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youtooksomany said: oh my god you babe
I replied:

You nice 😳😘

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twiistedsymphonies said: Hi! I just wanted to tell you that you're super attractive 😊
I replied:

Hi you, thanks, let me hug you :*

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ahoytheremateycx said: You're a perfect human being.. love me. 😍
I replied:

Love is for everyone

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annierosehatesyou said: whoops, didnt know you have a girlfriend! sorry :') how're you anyway? xx
I replied:

Haha no problem ! Im fine thanks :)

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1 month yet I dyed my hair brown. 1 month yet I started 2nd year at University. 1 month to wait to see my gf again. Things are changing.
annierosehatesyou said: you're so attractive and i want to make out with you.
I replied:

Aw dear, you are perfect. But I don’t think my girlfriend will agree even if she’s ok all the time you know aha. Anyway if you want chatting no problem :). xx

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